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    All Of The Rules


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    All Of The Rules

    Post by blackheart on Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:42 pm

    The Rules will go from the worst to the least bad too break the higher number rules I can and will some what tolerate being broken but rule number one and all the other lower numbers I WILL NOT tolerate being broken at all instant ban OK. Let's get started on the rules than shall we.

    1.Nothing at too do with violating and or touching others innapropriatly  =(INSTANT BAN) threats to anyone anytime at all =(INSTANT BAN)

    3.Do not pretend too be someone else only your own accounts = (INSTANT BAN)

    4.No God moving = (ONLY THREE WARNINGS)

    5.No cybering (sexual themes) =)ONLY TWO WARNINGS)

    6.No hardcore cussing (cursing) Godda** it mother f***ER the N word stuff like that =(ONLY ONE WARNINGS)

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